Monday, June 09, 2008

Drumlanrig castle and trails

Drumlanrig Castle

Picked up Katy and craig yesterday, loaded the bikes into the car and went off down the road to sample the delights of mountain biking in Drumlanrig Estate.
The trails and setting are a bit different from some of the forestry commission stuff, mainly in deciduous woodland, rooty, narrow and with less artificial surfaces. Although some of the corners seem a bit sharp to me, but maybe thats just my skill level or perhaps a ploy to keep the speed down.

After the mountain biking its possible to have a shower in the centre next to Riks bike shop but we just had a quick rub down before taking a stroll around the garden, the bike museum, blacksmiths, kids play area and a late lunch snack in the centre.

Its a great place to take the family and still get some biking done provided of course there's someone willing to do the baby sitting.
This is the third time I've been and it won't be the last!

SB video here.


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