Thursday, June 05, 2008

Old bike seriously ill

Barcraigs Reservior

Tom and I were discussing a trip to the Western Isles which got me thiking I need to do something with my ancient road bike's drive train, its worn out.
Today I bought the bits I thought I'd need and set to work.
I replaced the cassette, the chain and finaly started on the front chainset only to discover that the chainset puller just pulled out the threads of the cranks leaving the cranks in place.
I resorted to brute force and got the cranks off but discoverd the new crank spacing was wrong and I couldn't get the front gear down to the granny ring.
Because I'd done some damage I thought I'd replace the bottom bracket but guess what it is completely stuck in place.
I think this may be the end of a very long partnership, I've had this old Flying Scott since I was eighteen years old, its only two years younger than me and we have been many many places together.
I've still got a couple of things to try to save it but I'm not hopefull, it will be a sad day if it has to go to the bike graveyard.


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