Friday, May 16, 2008

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Bug on Marsh Marigold

I've been out on the bike a few times since coming back from Spain.
First time out with confidence high, I cycled up to Kaim quarry taking knee and elbow pads to finally have a go on the lines I've groomed for the 'Kaim Quarry challenge'.
The cliff edge is easy, just ignore the drop on the right, the curving drop is simple if the speed is right.
The terrace climb is tricky, it needs a bit of speed and good control to get over the rocky bits, it took me five goes to get it done.
The slab and berm is intimidating and the big boulder line is just scary and steep.
I did it three times before I stopped while still in one piece, last time I only dabbed once.
I won't be doing it often, its just too stupid really, but its nice to get it behind me after spending so much time in the winter grooming it.

On one of my 'secret' trails the downhill boys are really rutting it up, no problem to me but the owner may get a bit upset and start messing about with it, time will tell.

Today I put in 4 hours on the road. I thought about going over to Great Cumbrae but eventually decided on miles instead of photos, it was still nice though, Dalry, Stewarton, Uplawmoor, Lochwinnoch and back.
Bit dull to start but the sun eventually got through at the RSPB place near Lochwinnoch enough for me to take a few macro photos.

Similar route description can be viewed here.


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