Sunday, May 25, 2008

Carrick and Culzean

Deer park at Culzean

Ground dry weather fine tide at Girvan low, a good recipe for a Carrick hills Culzean circuit.
Graham and I were off to Maybole to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Starting from the railway station gives a good warm up climb. The visibility was not great but we couldn't expect everything, if that was put into the equation we'd never get there!
I forgot the map so had to do it from memory but it turned out ok, just a couple of iffy route choices but we didn't get badly lost.
One little unusual aspect of this route is needing low tide along Croy shore otherwise its a road diversion, kind of defeats the point really. Today was OK for tide just the loose stones and sand on the shore were a pain.
Coffee and cake in Culzean before we did a loop in the park and back the short way to Maybole.

Very nice day out, video here.

Route description here except that we shortened it by going from Culzean direct to Maybole.


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