Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kelburn and the Largs Pencil

Old dog on a 'walk' at Largs Pencil

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The weather forcast wasn't too good today, I opted for a brolly walk (didn't need it) through Kelburn meeting Anne near the Pencil at Largs to walk into town for lunch at Craigmiles Cafe.
Apart from being a bit sweaty walking up into Kelburn it was lovely, took more photos than I thought I would, mainly macro stuff... which I love.
Lots of young pheasants have been released in upper Kelburn woods, gun fodder for the shooting brigade in a few days time.
I don't like the whole shooting thing but if it wasn't for this 'sport' a lot of what we call Scotland woudn't be much like it is today.
I suppose there are a lot of unresolvable 'what if's' in history not just in Scotland but around the world...pointess really.
I've resolved the shooting thing in my head to....'as long as they breed them they can stand in the rain and midges to shoot them'

Oops...may just have diverged into ranting for a bit there, it must have been Annes lovely mix of Almond and Plum homemade wine I've been sampling since 4pm (its now 8pm and I'm still at it), its tasty and oh..oh.. so strong.
I put wine strength down to my standard wine brewing advice......'just add some more sugar'! Not too clever but seems to work...just another glass perhaps.


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