Friday, July 25, 2008

Lochgilphead and Arrochar

Lock on the Crinan Canal

Went up to Lochgilphead area Thursday/Friday I fancied doing a trail from Loch Fyne to Loch Awe. It starts at Auchindrain to Carron where there is a very rough trail over the hill to Loch Awe but I got lost.
There are new forest tracks and I missed the turn off which is only marked by a small post (I discovered later) and ended up on a forest drive not exactly knowing where it would take me.
Everything turned out OK just ended up sort of doing the route backwards only to discover how good it would have been doing it the right way round....oh well guess I'll just have to go back and do it properly sometime before I forget how to find the route.
Today, after staying the night at Lochgilphead, I went over to the Fire Tower Trail. Its nice but it takes less than 2 hours to get round, hardly a day filler, so on the way back home I stopped of at Arrochar and did the Glen Loin track, now that is a descent trail, big mountain scenery and a great singletrack down Glen Loin. Much more rewarding than the Fire Tower Trail in my opinion.

Short Boring video here.

Arrochar trail description here.

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Anonymous Gordon said...

Hi Whee
Great video and music with it. That whole area round Tarbet and loch lomond look tempting. I could use the train from Troon and stay a day or so in the area. What is the Highland way like on the oposite side of loch lomond, up and over to loch Katrine?

12:14 AM  
Blogger Whee said...

I've only walked the loch Lomond track but it isn't to good for the bike. The north end has difficult carry south end has steps and Conic hill is a carry up to the top. The Ardgartan and Arrochar trails are good and its possible to loop off road back to Dunoon via Ardentinny and Loch Eck. So WHW from Milngavie to Rowardenan is a bit mixed. Cross LOch Lomond pick up the Loch Sloy road to Arrochar, Ardgartan trail to Lochgoilhead Carrick Castle to Ardentinny then the east side of Loch Eck would make a great couple days outing. Just left with the Dunoon to Troon bit to slog down the cycle way.
Haven't linked it all together but I've cycled most of it.

12:38 AM  

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