Thursday, January 08, 2009

A few quiet days

Deer enjoying the winter
sun in Bellisle Park Ayr

Haven't been out on the bike this week yet just pottering about walking and taking a few photos (see previous entry for some pinhole photos at Alloway).
Tuesday we were down in Ayr to pick up photos and fill the day with a walk along the river at Auchincruive, lots of ice on the river but nice uderfoot for walking.
Yesterday was super mild, grey, misty and still with intermittent drizzly showers. It was lovely down on Seamill beach in the grey mistiness until it started seriously raining but we were on the way home by then so it didn't matter much.
Today I went down to Portencross to shoot off a roll of film with my homemade pinhole camera, its first outing.
All went well until the last photo when the film advance jammed up.
Just managed to get over the problem with a bit of brute force, turned out to be a silly bit of sticky tape I'd put in the feeder for some reason.
Now I've got some more film running about or posting to do.
Ho..Hum life's just so hectic.

Couldn't get the usual slide show to work so view the photos in Flickr


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