Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home made camera

My pinhole camera collection

I was just thinking of going outdoors this morning when the postie came with a parcel of photos.
They were from my recent pinhole exploits including the ones from my home made pinhole camera.
Needless to say I got stalled at home checking them out.
I'm delighted with the ones from my home made camera, although they did show I need to make up a viewer to help stop me cropping off some of the pictures.
The rest of images had plenty of lessons to be absorbed (and I mean lots and lots of lessons).
I can see this evening being spent trying to take all the lessons in so that next time I might get some photos instead of lessons.

View a slideshow which includes images from my home made pinhole camera.

PS The other photos weren't quite the disaster I thought view the rescued underexposed pinhole set here and the f100 Portencross set here.


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