Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blair and other stuff

Blair house and driveway.

The day started snowy, the vertical stuff that comes down when there is no wind, didn't last though, by 10.30 it was getting quite bright.
We went over to Blair estate, they have a long standing tolerance to walkers in the policies, quite nice to know your welcome. Its not a huge area, nice for about an hours walk but its a bit muddy off the firm trails around the perimeter track.
We circulated around enjoying the sunshine and in my case 3D photo taking.

PM was still good so I got out and about locally then down to my favourite photo spot at Porencross. The light, sky and surroundings were just wonderful and I had a very nice time doing nothing very much (taking pinholeroid photos) while enjoying the fabulous views.

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To see the 3D image view at about 12" cross your eyes until a third full size photo appears in the middle it should be in 3D. You may have to try for some time to get the hang of it after which it should be much easier.


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