Friday, May 15, 2009

Pottering in Mugdock

Market display in Olot Spain.
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Had a bit of MTBing down at Auchincruive early this week. Out passed Stair into Barskimming and Failford. I discovered a little woodland trail toward Barskimming but it really needs a bit of trail maintenance to get it up to scratch, pity its just a little far from home to sort out.
I looped back along the Failford Stair section of the River Ayr Way for a coffee break in the Stair Inn before heading back along the riverside to Auchincruive.

View the route here.

Tuesday Anne and I took the MTBs up to Mugdock for a little loop following our walking route with a little add on at the east side and a bit of investigation around the reservoir. Just had a look for the walk but I only have the longer cycle route description. Funny how the mind plays trick on you, I could have sworn I had a walking route description for Mugdock.

Just got my Spanish holiday (Olot town near Girona) pinhole images back from One Vision Imaging really pleased with them even though they are basically just pinhole snaps.


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