Sunday, April 12, 2009

Around Lunderston and the cuts

Above Gourock on the Greenock cut

I've been so engrossed in pinhole photo DIY that I haven't found time to do any blogging.

On the bike front Anne and I got out for a potter along the New Town Trail around Irvine yesterday.
Just had a look and I don't seem to have a route description for it on my web site but we started in Eglinton park and looped clockwise into Irvine mainly on narrow tarmac pleasant enough but not very demanding except as regards dodging broken glass.

Today Graham and I got out for something altogether more interesting, up to Lunderston Bay for a loop to Cornalees and the Kelly cut, a combination of this route for the Kelly cut and part of this one for north of Cornalees, a case of mix and match.
We climbed from Lunderston to Cornalees, looped over the hill, back to Cornalees for coffee and cake at the cafe, then along the Kelly cut to Wemyss Bay and the very rough mid road back to Lunderston.
The sun shone and it was wonderful, not just nice, but ...err wonderful.

Comment from rob re Rhinns of Kells, I have been along it to Corserine on the bike but its for masochists only view the route I did here.


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