Monday, April 27, 2009

Wet in Largs

Pinhole image of Barony church West Kilbride
taken on Xray film.

Anne and I had been out at a dance Friday night so I was a bit delicate Saturday.
It was nice and warm and sunny in the morning and after a good laze about by noon I was feeling much livelier and in need of a bit of light exercise.
I pulled the MTB out the shed for a gentle spin around the Hunterston Peninsula easy going and very scienic along the beach and past Portencross.
View the trails here.

Sunday it was Grahams turn to feel a bit delicate he'd hurt his back doing nothing much and although he was keen to get out didn't want to do anything too 'risky'.
We pottered along to Largs by Portencross, the cycleway to Fairlie then up passed Fairlie Glen castle to the edge of Kelburn coming back down near the marina.
The Harlequin Cafe served us some lovely apple tart and coffee well worth the stop off but by the time we got out the rain had started.
It was pretty cold cycling back into the wind and rain.
Fortunately it didn't last and half way home it eased up enough for us both to warm up a bit.

Some Fairlie trails here.

Today it rained am.
I pottered at a pinhole camera mod and when it cleared pm got out to shoot a few photos on my cheap(ish) xray film. I'm not happy with the results though but I'll try copying them again tomorrow in better light. Fingers crossed maybe day light will work its magic. View my photos here on Flickr.


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