Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My wife and I were in Aviemore last week sharing a holiday with Graham and his wife Moira mountain biking and walking.
Aviemore is a great biking centre absolutely loads of trails accessible from the town.
I was dead keen to do the classic Corrieyairak pass, its a route I've wanted to have a go at for years but the need for a pick up at Fort Augustus meant this was my first real opportunity.
We were dropped of a mile os so before Garva Bridge to give us a good warm up before the rough stuff but Garva bridge would have been a good strart point, certainly a lovely spot.
The early part of the climb is only 80% cyclable as iits well washed out and full of large loose stones, quite a challenge just to keep going. There is a better section before the real steep stuff to the summit then it goes stony again.
I just didn't feel fit enough to work up the momentum to carry me over this so ended up pushing at almost all the corners.
The summit is marked by a little brick built radio shed with a set of handy steps for a sit and picnic before the downhill run to Fort Augustus.
My its a long way down but its not plain sailing there is a lot of rough stuff higher up, but at least its gravity assisted.
Lower down is much better surfaced but undulates a lot.
The finish at Fort Augustus is great with the locks and ice cream shop.
We had to cycle to Bridge of Oich to pick up the car as our wifes had left it there to have a walk into the town but that was a very pleasant way to warm down from our ice cream and cycling efforts.
A worthwhile route but if you go be prepared for rough loose rocks, a lot of pushing and a cautious descent.

Other stuff we did was Forest Lodge to Nethy Bridge, Boat of Garten Aviemore, a great mainly downhill route starting at Loch Morlich.
Loch an Eilein and Loch Morlich circuit including the Sluggan Track.
East Glen Feshie including the lovely Bothy Trail singletrack.
And last but not least the Burma Road to Sluggan bridge and Carrbridge, another classic.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Along the River Ayr

Graham and I were out on the MTBs today down along the River Ayr, the first time since we abandoned due to ice maybe March this year.
Today though it was just a pleasant cool summers day along this route plus this bit starting at Fularton Wood near Troon down to Ayr then up to Stair Inn for a beer, a loop to Barskimming and back to Stair for lunch and the route back.
36miles altogether and every one worthwhile.
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