Monday, October 31, 2005

Car shopping completed

The car shopping has ended , for now at least, my son has just aquired a new(ish) car, it has most of the spec he wanted, two doors, 1600cc engine, nice part leather seats, CD, air con, but it's NOT black, it's very very red, he's happy and the nag nag nag will have stopped. Just hope he's careful in it.

Pre car shopping this morning managed to get out on the MTB for a few hours.
The wind was south easterly so couldn't resist going down the beach, glad I did the tide was in and waves were rolling in crashing over the rocks in the sun, it was grand to see.
It's been a little drier the past 2 days so came back up to WK to go up to Crosbie and over scary Glentane. The wind was a little brisk so had a few extra thrills (wobbles), then decide to go up Kaim and do the full downhill, but also looped back over Biglees quarry to get a part repeat before getting home for late lunch and the car pick up with my son.
A very satisfying day.
PS the picture above is Cervinia in Italy sunshine at minus 27degC and a stiff breeze, that was ccccold!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Surprise sunshine

Chanced it this morning and was rewarded with a good short MTB outing to the beach and a little loop on Goldenberry.
The sky started to clear about noon so thought I'd get back, have some lunch then Anne and I could get out for a walk PM.
We went along Fairlie Miller walk looping into Kelburn, up to the waterfall and down past the castle, very mild and sunny.
Got back at 3.15 thinking it was too nice to stay indoors so had a little jog down the Glen onto the beach, golfcourse and back up, dead slow but enjoyed it.
Was thinking I may try to get out jogging some more over the next couple of weeks to improve my fitness.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Car shopping and Kelburn

My son is car hunting so in the morning went along with him for a look at what there was in a local dealers yard.
His ideas are so narrow, black, two door, alloys, 1600+ engine, what we saw was either too expensive to insure or not up to scratch, it's so difficult it's depressing.

PM got out on the MTB along the beach but couldn't get up Goldenberry as the farmer was using the track to herd sheep, so ended up along the Portencross trail, Hunterston estate, Kelburn for a change.
Went up the moor thinking I'd go home over Caldron hill but the clouds came down and the rain started so did the lower downhill and through Hunterston estate, back about 4pm, quite happy with my efforts and fully recovered from the mornings waste of time.

The sun shone Thursdays past and my outing to Symington, Dundonald and Kilmaurs is now a web page view it here and lots of Ayrshire pictures here.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Castles, cafes and sunshine

Today was the warmest October day for umpteen years so the weather people say and I managed to get my share of it.
Took the bike on the car down to Eglinton Park and set off thinking I'd have a short jaunt over to the Gleg Whittle in Kilmaurs but changed my mind and headed to Symington and Dundonald.
The castle tea room is due to close for the winter this week end so thought I'd call in before the end of season for tea and muffin.
On the way back it was so nice I decided to go over to the Gleg Whittle anyway for more tea and cake, the owner is always happy to chat.
Had a look in at Walkers Cycling shop next door, quite fancy a new hardtail, a mid priced Claud Butler with mechanical disc brakes....hmmm....will I, won't I... yes I probably will.

Produced a web page for the route, it passes three castles and obviously the two cafe stops plus lots of nice quiet back roads.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A bit of bad timing

Mud in Spain click for web page of Guadalest valley
Had a bit of business in Saltcoats this morning then a spot of early lunch before jumping on the MTB.
Just as my bum hit the saddle the rain started, I decided just to press on regardless, off round Portencross track where the puddles are too wide to avoid and the mud is developing well, although I have seen it worse.
Took the back route into Hunterston estate to loop up Goldenberry then on up Fairlie moor.
The back brake blocks gave up half way down from the moor, worn out by the mud, had to adjust them to get some rubber back onto the rim before finishing the downhill.
By the time I got home I was rather soggy and suffering from wrinkly finger tips.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Missing the sun

PM yesterday managed out with wellies and brolly for a couple of hours, and put down some rocks on a slithery drop on one of my favourite trails.

Today got out on the MTB for a couple of hours PM after doing some garage leak repairs. It was quite bright but loads of mud, was getting chain suck on the little ring, so later went down to the cycle shop for a new chain set, it's fitted but have a punture still to fix, just seems to go on and on at this time of year.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Had a very nice week in Guadalest valley in Spain, the weather was kind and we enjoyed seven days of great walking finishing the week with the highest hill in the Allicante area, Aitana.

We stayed in a rural appartment just outside Collosa so got to investigate the valley's walking from quiet roads, away from the coastal tourist buzz.
Guadalest castle at the head of the valley is a bit of a tourist attraction but went along there after a morning walk around the reservior.
The castle entry was 3.50 euros, well worth it, a gallery, house museum, and great views.

View photos here and web page description here

Friday, October 14, 2005

The crunch of fallen leaves

Anne and I had a little walk up at Dalry Lynn this morning before a spot of lunch at Dalgarven.
The tearoom was quite busy with teachers finishing for the school break.
Noticed there isn't a web page for this short walk so may generate one.

PM went out MTing along the beach Goldenberry, Fairlie moor and another Goldenberry loop before meeting Jim on route home from work.
He has got himself a new(ish) trail bike and had been out giving it a work out at the WE seemed happy with it, but as always there are just a few things to be tweeked to get it just the way he wants them.

With it being dry for two days the fallen leaves have aquired the property of crunchyness. I realised this when I found myself dodging about trying to hit any big curly crisp ones along the tarmac in Hunterston, it's an autumn thing.
The noice is quite satisfying, I grade the sound, rubbish, good, or excellent as I flatten them.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A glorious autumn day

What a glorious day!
The down side was that I was on home watch awaiting delivery of a mattress.
The time was not wasted, washed the bike ,did some chain ring filing to stop chain suck until I get a new chain ring, fixed two punctures, adjusted the bearings on both bike wheels, secured the headset, did some more garage leak sealing (again) and at one oclock the matress arrived so was free to get out and about.

Didn't want to get too muddy so headed over Law hill, my oh my, what a view!
All the way south to the Merrick, south west to Ailsa Craig, west to the Paps of Jura and north to the Cobbler.
From Law hill went out to the Dalry road, up Fairlie moor onto Kaim hill for a great downhill, there's a nice new entry into the quarry that I'll have to describe in the web page.
Slogged up Goldenberry feeling dehydrated (hadn't taken a water bottle) then had a following wind on the beach track.
Great to be out on a day like today, hmmm could be the first line of a song....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wet, and wetter

Yesterday it rained mostly but the morning was light drizzle so got out for a couple of hours as far as the quarry on Kaim and the downhill.
There was a lot of water about so navigated around the rock section which can be slippy in the wet.

Later I checked over the front wheel, it's had it! so finished transferring the new rim onto a spare, seemed to take ages to get it true, then had the brakes blocks to change, everything just wears out in the mud.

Today finished building another wheel, much easier then yesterdays effort, guess I did something right.
PM the rain was off (almost) so went off down the beach, on the way up Goldenberry picked up a thorn in the back tyre, then spent the best part of an hour clearing the thorns off the track.
On roads the traffic clears the little pests but off road they can lie about for weeks and since I use the track a lot I thought it would be time well spent. Hope so anyway.
Got up the moor onto some technical stuff for a bit, back at 5.15.

View local trails here.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Plenty of wind but no rain

We were expecting a new washing machine today but PM so got out before lunch on the MTB.
It was quite windy but the rain just about held off so managed a jaunt along the beach, goldenberry hill and Fairlie moor.
After lunch went up the moor to check over an little visited area but unfortunately no good for the MTB but enjoyed the strole.

Some local pictures here.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A walk on Neilston pad

Have produced a web page describing the walks around Neilston Pad and extentions as far as Gleniffer Brae view it here.

Yesterday was a beautiful bright breezy morning, Anne and I had a nice strole up through the woodland of Goldenberry hill, it was sheltered from the wind, nice warm sun and the autumn colours.

PM went out on the MTB, the wind had dropped so went over Glentane onto Fairlie moor and again onto Goldenberry, noticed more little piglets on the road to Goldenberry.
Down the beach with a following wind just as it started to rain but got home reasonably dry.

Was out at the village jazz night in the public hall, good fun, cheap booze, and dancing.

Friday, October 07, 2005

More of the usual

The computer has been getting seen to, it had an annoying upload - winfix2005 - if you see it pop up don't download it, it cant be removed unless you are an IT person.

Over the past week Anne and I had a little walk just south of Neilston at Neilston pad.
It's nice but a little small.
I went back on the mountain bike and linked it in with the Gleniffer braes cycle but return is mostly road, so not great, but may add the option to the Gleniffer web page.
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