Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kaim - dry and sunny

Blue Iris
Frittered the dull morning away making an 'underwater' camera box but the sun finally decided to come out and so did I, over to the downhill route on Kaim hill. I thought I'd give it a go before the forecast rain turns it to mud.
I was hard work though, the grass is growing making it quite tough, enjoyed it just the same and the downhill was wonderful. See a short video here.

Later PM went off down to Portencross to do some 'underwater' photos in the pools where there is lots of light hoping to get half below and half above, worked out OK for a first try. View the photos below.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dunoon and Glen Massan

Ben More house (outdoor centre)

'Tis my birthday today Katy and Graig let the old codger take them mountain biking across at Dunoon. Originally we were going to do the Loch Eck circuit but somewhere along the way a time constraint got in the way so instead we did the Glen Massan route over the new forest track which ain't shown on the maps, but can be seen on Google earth.
We stopped off twice at Ben More Gardens cafe although its a little detour/repeat on the way back.
I had a nice birthday outing and the youngsters learned a little about the joys of Dunoon mountain biking.

Video here.

Rob - I have published a route for Dailly on my web site although its in a bit of a mess just now due to Yahoo suspending their free geocities sites. The route can be linked in with the windfarm from Girvan or the Dailly Barr road, could be done from Straiton if you fancy and epic day.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bright & breezy by the River Ayr

Barkimming cottage
Graham phoned looking for a bit of MTBing today with hopefully a visit to Carrick Cycles in Ayr along the way so I figured it'd be good doing a not so little route from Fularton to Ayr and then to Barskimming returning on a similar but shorter trail. Its an extension of this route, by adding on this route giving a total distance, according to grahams GPS, of 34miles.
It was... ideal... lovely... glorious... perfect, just what I needed to get my head out of photo stuff and back into good old mountain biking.

I'll just go into my Yahoo videos and see if I've got something from that route, I'm sure I will..........5 minute search.......yes here's something but it ain't summer.

Yahoo are closing down geocities free web space so my MTB site will be no more unless I decide to pay up, they've done this sort of thing before with their free stuff and messed me about so I don't feel inclined to pay them money even though its the easy option, but mustn't say never, Amen.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crossrequel Abbey and a Village cycle

Rhododendron macro

I had a photo/cycle plan in the back of my mind. I had a notion to visit
Crossraquel Abbey for a few photos of the pinhole variety and then a short cycle around some quiet roads and villages near Maybole.
Today looked as good a day as any.
Anne had things to see to so off I went.
Spent about and hour in the Abbey grounds hunting viewpoints and taking photos in the lovely bright sun, then went into Maybole, parked at the Greenside and set off on the bike to Crosshill and Straiton.
Unfortunately the Buck Cafe closes Monday Tuesday so just had to make do with a snack from the local shop.
I decided to loop away from Kirkmichael toward Dalrymple to add on a few miles, glad I did there was a lovely stretch of road, only about 2 miles, that I hadn't been on before, wow! what a lovely lovely view over the valley and down to the Galloway hills, well worth the little detour.
Lovely day out, photos of Crossraquel here and I may generate a new route description for my web site.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Road bike in the sun

Bumble Bee on clover

Phoned my cycling chum Tom this morning, we haven't been out together for quite some time.
He likes it nice and sunny when out on the bikes, I do too but if it ain't sunny I quite often go out on the mountain bike.
Today was certainly sunny and luckily he was keen to get out there.
It didn't take us long to decide that an Eglinton Dundonald loop would be just the ticket for a day like today.
About half way round the loop the route passes Dundonald Castle with a visitor centre and a tea room, it was very nice sitting out below the castle having coffee and cake in the sun before heading back.
Its a short cycle route of about 20miles round trip which can be extended with various short and not so short options, today though we just did the 20 mile mini loop.
Very nice! Lets hope there's more nice weather on the way and we can get a few more sunny outings during the summer months.

See a few more photos here on my FLICKR account.
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