Thursday, March 23, 2006

Road and Mountain

Yesterday I thought the weather was to be bright like tuesday so decided to get out on my road bike again.
Anne had very kindly said she'd come and pick me up provided there was a lunch in it for her, so I headed off to Stair on the assumption that I would be wind assisted and the sun would shine, how wrong I was, the wind got up from the south into my face, it was dull and cold, it even snowed for a time, however I shortened the cycling distance to Hays garden centre just south of Kilmarnock and warmed up nicely in their cafe with a lunch of soup, coffee and cake.

Today I chose to stay local on the MTB as it looked dull again, visited the windfarm on Busbie Muir then the windfarm on Blaeloch followed by the Kaim downhill and finally Goldenberry.
It took four hours to do the circuit so I was pretty tired by the time I reached home.
Sitting in the sun by the window I was almost dropping off to sleep so just got up and out again for an hours trail clearing to keep me awake until tea time.

Todays photos here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A spring cycle

Tom phoned this morning and we agreed it was too nice a day to let pass so we put the road bikes on the car and headed down to Eglinton Park, one of my favourite start points.
There's lots of route choice from the park, today we were taking quiet lanes over to the RSPB centre at Lochwinnoch a round trip of about 60km.
The RSPB is a lovely place to stop for some lunch, a warm up, and a spot of bird watching, they have a self serve coffee machine and some tasty little cakes.
On route to the RSPB we cycled up to Barcraigs reserviour and were rewarded with a marvellous view north to snow covered Ben Lomond and further again to Ben More.
Cycling back to Eglinton Park with a following wind and the sun on our faces really made it feel like spring, lets hope it lasts.

Similar route here but a little shorter.

Some Lochwinnoch pictures here.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Glentane and Goldenberry

It was great to get out on the MTB this morning after missing out for a few days.
Was going to go down the beach but for some reason ended up going over Glentane onto the moor, I must have been driven by subconcious, at the critical right turn I just found myself going left.
The weather was lovely, cool and dull with a little breeze so the jacket was on and off a few times as I passed in and out of the wind.
On the moor I did a short variation to Glenburn falls, it's got a short scarey rocky drop off, but it's followed by a burn crossing, I was thinking I may put in a little bridge and use it more often.
Looped back up over Biglees quarry, it's got a technical climb near the top and gives a repeat of part of the downhill.
To round off I searched out a lovely little secret downhill with some technical stuff before heading back home for some lunch, a spot of bike maintenance and a bit of dreaded gardening.

View route here.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A wedding on Arran

Anne and I have spent the past few days on Arran at a wedding and then across to the east coast party going with my sister so haven't had much of a chance to get out on the bike, but did have a bit of time for a few short walks on Arran and today I tried to catch up with the lack of exercise by taking a jog down by portencross and over Goldenberry Hill, a total of 45minutes so was very pleased, but my legs are hurting a bit just at the moment.
Hopefully tomorrow will be dry and I'll have a bit of a go on the MTB.

View Arran pictures here.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Water and Snow

Late morning Anne and I went up to Largs for a spot of lunch at Craigmiles Cafe then along to Fairlie for a walk up into Kelburn.
The Fairlie Glen burn was going really well due to snow melt and two days of rain, so wondered up close to the water taking a few pictures.
Just below the castle is a meeting of two streams both falling into a gully 30feet deep, so it's quite impressive, and a little too dangerous to get the best pictures, but I managed a nice composite before wandering up to the main falls, they were quite spectacular, climbed down to give a sense of size to the picture, spay was everywhere.

PM took a fancy to bike up Law Hill onto the last of the snow where it had drifted on the north west side.
As I cycled down the drift my front wheel went deep into the snow till finally the bike stalled I was upright pedaling, the back wheel turning but I wasn't going anywhere, had to put my tummy on the saddle and push with one leg like a scooter to go downhill off the drift, very amusing.

Pictures here.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A snowy day

There was three inches of snow on the ground this morning so pulled out my XC skis, haven't been on them for years but I wasn't going to let that stop me having some fun.

Skied down the street into the Glen and along to the usual sledging slope, there were about 30 folk playing.
I spent a hour pottering and was quite pleased with the way I got back into it, still did a couple of face plants though.
After an hour I was getting a bit wet from the sleaty snow so headed home for some warm soup.

Later Anne and I tried to have a short walk but the going was too trying so did a very short loop in the Glen and back home for a lazy afternoon.

Snowy pictures here.

PS is running slow or is just my connection?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A quiet day

Blair House

Anne and I were out late last night so we were very slow off the mark today.
Eventually worked ourselves up to a short walk around Blair Estate near dalry.
The day was cold and dull so afterwards we went along to Dalgarven Mill for a spot of warming lunch.

PM I went out grooming a local trail, the recent rain has softened the ground so I put down some stones to give grip on a short climb.
Got back about 4.30 and we decided to go along to the Laureston Hotel for a cheap supper.

Walk description here.

Dalgarven photos here slideshow

Friday, March 10, 2006

A repeat performance

Deer at Culzean Country Park

I was happy to see it wasn't raining this morning so, once I dragged myself off the computer, I set out on the MTB across the golf course onto the beach,
I met an ex colleague out walking the dog, had a chat then headed along the beach up the route to Goldenberry but off left at the top similar to yesterday.
Climbed Goldenberry a couple of times before deciding to head home for lunch.
On the way back had a chat with the estate shepherd, he's very busy with lambing, but told me the free range pigs are away and there's a pond and wild meadow to be sited where the pigs have scoured with some planting in the woodland above.
As they say "It'll be nice when it's finished".

Some picture of a MTB route across the Clyde soon to be repeated.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Portencross cliffs

Portencross castle

Went out for a gentle cycle this morning and decided to head off the normal Goldenberry track across to the cliffs above portencross, just for a little change of scene and some different views.
Its possible to get right to the edge of the 200feet cliff face, but not very sensible.
I'm not known for my good sense though and it was a nice little thrill with a grand view out over Portencross castle and the Cumbrae islands.
Finished the outing over Goldenberry before heading back for a spot of lunch.

Later PM went for a walk up Fairlie Glen where the little wild daffodils are just coming into bloom, the signal that it's time to put some miles on the bike in preparation for long warm summer days in the saddle.

View Portencross pictures here.

A visit to the Hole In The Ground

Quay at the Hole In The Ground

I,ve had a bit of a tummy upset this week so yesterday was the first day out since Sunday, I went off round Hunterston peninsular and cycled out round 'The Hole in the Ground', an oil rig consrtuction site that gobbled up part of beautiful Hunterston bay 20 years ago and hasn't been uned since.
I don't go out there much its hardly a pretty site but it does have some nice outlooks and it's flat.

Photos here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

St Quivox

Yesterday Graham and I took the bikes on the car down to Fullarton wood south of Troon with a view to following the coast to Ayr then up the river Ayr to Stair for lunch.
We started with a quick blast round the singletrack of Fullarton, the golf course
looked quiet so we took the scenic option.
Took quite a few pictures in Ayr before cycling up the sheltered riverside.
After lunch at Stair in we visited Stair old mill and mine again spent some time taking photos before meandering along a few intermittent trails back to Troon.

View pictures here.

Route description here.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Change of plan due to snow

Blaeloch hill west cairn

I'd thought today would be cold still and clear again so planned to go across the wild side of Fairlie moor to Bradshaw ruin then down to Fairlie, but when I got over Glentane the sky was dull that way so changed my mind, instead pushed the bike up into Kaim quarry for the full downhill.
In the quarry light snow began falling so didn't hang about, just flew down to the coast road then headed for Goldenberry hoping it would pass over.
Did a loop on Goldenberry and headed home for lunch after 2 hours on the bike.

PM the snow shower was well away so took a little stroll near home looking for trails, found one possibility through a small bit of woodland but it's not great, nothing technical in it at all.

View Kaim downhill route here.

Kaim quarry recent pictures here.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A sunny walk to Ayr

A lovely bright, clear, cold day today, Anne and I decided on a walk from Troon to Ayr, we discovered this walk a few years back during foot and mouth when walking was limited.
It starts at Troon railway station goes along the front with return by train from Ayr, after lunch of course.
There is always the pleasure of a spot of shopping in Ayr if the fancy takes you, we bought a couple of cheap computer games, and a book on route through the town.

Got back about 3pm and because it was so nice I dashed out on the mountain bike over Glentane, down the lower Fairlie moor section and over Goldenberry getting back about 5.30 just as tea was being served, now that's what I call good timing!

View the walking route here.

Todays photos here.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Waiting for the delivery man

Goldenberry Panorama

Was stuck in most of the day awaiting a delivery, did get out on the MTB for an hour and a half before lunch and got three local technical trails done.

The delivery came just after three so Anne and I went up to Fairlie for a quick walk in the crisp sunshine into Kelburn and down one of my recent trail clearing areas, still looks OK.

View the route description here.

Recent pictures here
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