Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dog agility and scarecrows

I was happy to have an easy day today so Anne took me down to Irvine to shop for some curtain material, she likes to have me there so that it's not just her choice and there's no come back later.

We had lunch down at Irvine harbour and then went out to Eglinton park for a strole,
Being a summer Saturday there was an event happening, this time a dog agility competition, the field was chock a block with doggy people.
We watched a bit, went for a walk round the big pond, then watched some more.
Quite amusing watching the handlers and dogs making a mess of things, it made those that got clears all the more impressive.

WK is puting on a scarecrow festival so the photo above is our contribution, next year I may make it a bit more sophisticated.
We will take a walk around the village soon to see the other daft scarecrows on show, it's a good laugh and some of them are works of art.


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