Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bashing an old shed

Our very old garden shed is past its best so today I took it to bits, however its life has not ended, it is now acting as a rain barrier at the back of the bike shed and makes a great den for five year olds, pity there's none about... well maybe not such a pity.

The bike shed has only single block and gets very wet after spells of rain, so the old shed walls should hold back most of it, also I don't have to get rid of all the bits, its all out of sight at the back of the shed...great...

Not sure if we'll get a new one, we may just make room in the bike shed for all the stuff Anne uses to keep the garden in shape.

Took a jog down the beach just before tea to keep the fitness level up, Oh yes also spent a couple of hours this morning clearing a little bit of trail up the moor, it was getting a bit brambley and overgrown with bog reeds.

Looks like the weather is to be good for the next few days so its time to make a few plans.


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