Sunday, July 24, 2005

Muirshiel to Wemyss Bay

Great day out on the bike yesterday, Graham fancied a bit of off road and looking at the map I realised that a linear route from Muirshiel to Wemyss Bay would give us a long off road route that wasn't too technical, all I had to do was persuade Anne to drop us off and pick us up.

We got dropped off half way up to the park giving a beautiful 2mile climb up the little tarmac access road, took a few minutes in the visitors centre viewing the Hen Harriers, there's only one chick left due to a fox killing the others, then it was off over the moor.

There's are a couple of fords and fast descents on the moor that had our adrenalin going and a herd of highland cows blocking the way at one point, they're big softies really but I wouldn't like to tangle with one of those massive horns.

Originally I had intended to go round Greenock cut as well as Kelly cut but turned out we didn't have the time if we were to meet Anne at three.
Even in this dry spell there was some mud on the south end of Kelly cut.

Finished on schedule for pick up in Wemyss bay with just enough time for a well deserved snack in the Seaview cafe.

You can view the route here on my web site

Two days ago I lost a bandana while on the Fairlie moor downhill so in the evening Anne ran me up the Fairlie moor, I carried the bike up into the quarry.
It was a magnificent evening although the view was a bit limited by haze.
From the quarry I scooted down the route picked up the bandana just where I thought it was and cycled back through Hunterston.


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