Friday, July 22, 2005

Sunny bike day

I has been a lovely warm sunny day but had a slow start going through cycling blog sites before Anne and I took the bikes down to Eglinton and cycled the lovely quiet roads across to the Gleg Whittle in Kilmaurs for a light lunch.
While in the cafe I noticed a little framed article and medals refering to Hector Crichton a submarine telegraph operator, turned out he is the grandfather of the owner of the cafe and spent time both in the Atlantic and Pacific in WW2.
He now lives in New Zealand but is presently visiting back in Scotland.

PM went out on the MTB over to Kaim quarry, the ground is lovely and dry, so carried the bike up into the quarry for the view and the downhill, somewhere on route I lost my bandana, I remember brushing a low branch so I think I know exaclty where it is.
May take a little walk up there later to recover it.

The weather is to be good over the WE so must make some plans...where's that map...


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