Sunday, July 31, 2005

Great fun on local trails

Graham and I had 6 hours around our local Clyde coast trails today, the sun was splitting the skies, it was crystal clear and the trails were bone dry, what a treat.
We visited the windfarm on Busbie, used the new rough track on Fairlie and carried up Caldron hill, what a view!!.
Back to WK for a bacon roll and coffee, then up over Goldenberry and round Portencross.

There were a couple of quad bikers at Hunterston, having lots of fun dashing up, down and out the beach. I'd like a go sometime but wouldn't buy one, just too much hassle getting to places off road, give me the mountain bike any day.

A small group of birders were watching the cliffs at the 3 sisters, turned out to be a peregrine male, I met them last year at the same point watching the same bird, the crossing of ways is strange indeed.

What a cracking day out!! here.


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