Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Formakin walk

Tom and I past Formakin a couple of days ago while cycling and I thought it'd be worth coming back for a walk in the estate sometime, well today was ideal for it, bright, windy and showery, so Anne and I went up there and had a look around.
It took about 40 minutes to meander around the woodland grounds, the highlight is the pond view, picture above, and we saw a couple of deer in the trees.
Some photos here

Lunch at Kilmacolm 'Java Minute' cafe and then a post lunch walk at Parkhill wood at Lochwinnoch.

In the evening I slapped some waterproof sealant onto the shed and garage roofs but the overnight rain shows it was a waste of time and effort, although it's given me some clues what to do next to reduce the flood.


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