Thursday, October 27, 2005

Castles, cafes and sunshine

Today was the warmest October day for umpteen years so the weather people say and I managed to get my share of it.
Took the bike on the car down to Eglinton Park and set off thinking I'd have a short jaunt over to the Gleg Whittle in Kilmaurs but changed my mind and headed to Symington and Dundonald.
The castle tea room is due to close for the winter this week end so thought I'd call in before the end of season for tea and muffin.
On the way back it was so nice I decided to go over to the Gleg Whittle anyway for more tea and cake, the owner is always happy to chat.
Had a look in at Walkers Cycling shop next door, quite fancy a new hardtail, a mid priced Claud Butler with mechanical disc brakes....hmmm....will I, won't I... yes I probably will.

Produced a web page for the route, it passes three castles and obviously the two cafe stops plus lots of nice quiet back roads.


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