Thursday, November 24, 2005

River Ayr route

To avoid the cold wind today I decided to take the bike in the car to Ayr and cycle up the River from Craigie campus, it worked out well.
Pottered along off road out to Stair, had a spot of lunch in the Inn and from there went along into Barskimming then across to Tarbolton on a nice little track.
At the exit from Barskimming I went down to the river, boy was that a mistake!
Ended up climbing a steep slippy riverback with the bike on my shoulder catching in every branch that came near and threatening to send me tumbling to a soaking or worse, in the river.
I should have known better I've been there before.

On the way back I rediscovered a little stretch of singletrack by Annebank through a little bit of woodland, short but sweet.

The new route description and map can be viewed here.
The original route is here.

Pictures of a similar outing here.


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