Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Anne's weather warning

Anne was off to Ayr this morning and I was considering going over to Eglinton with the MTB to string a route together through the Beachpark and Dreghorn.
As I was getting ready Anne phoned to say it was heavy drizzle down beyond Stevenston, so decide to stay local and hopefully dry.

Pottered down the beach, up Goldenberry, played about a bit but headed home rather than go up the moor as it was getting very grey, sure enough it started drizzling just as I got back.
Had a spot of lunch, cleaned and dried the MTB and, since the drizzle had stopped, headed off for a stole to clear an alternative trail near home.
Spent and hour clearing the trail and another hour meandering looking for alternatives, found one, but it's got a fence half way so probably won't bother with it just yet.

Goldenberry has a couple of easy downhills (and nice views) if your prepared to pedal up first, view the routes here.


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