Friday, December 09, 2005

Lanfine and bike maintenance

Took the bike over to Walkers Cycling today for its free service, had coffee and cake at The Gleg Whittle then went over to Lanfine for a walk.
In the estate kept my eyes peeled for trails and spoted a downhill track going right down through the trees, unfortunately it's been carved with berms so wouldn't be surprised if next time I look it'll be demolished.
The upper part is less obvious so may survive, the guys at walkers said there's a trail all the way from the mast, but it's not evident at the top of the bit I saw today.
Perhaps I'll have a chance to investigate some more soon.
Have agreed with the shop to change the rear mech hopefully to get rid of the gear change hysteresis and get it operating the other way, like every other mech I've got.

View Lanfine MTB route here and walk here.


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