Sunday, December 11, 2005

Straiton and Loch Bradan

The past couple of days I haven't been out on the bike but today Graham and I went down to Straiton to do a 38km loop round to Loch Bradan, its mostly forest tracks with a bit of linking minor road, and another link of 300m muddy/overgrown singletrack.

We were off early (9am) as Graham had an appointment at 3pm, but as a result we got the best of the sunny morning.
The first section of singletrack had been frosted and defrosted so we both had that sinking feeling a few times.
The forest track near Stinchar Bridge and Bradan was a bit grotty as well but at least was firm.
Took about 3.5hours with just one short break.
The highlight was the North Bradan singletrack followed by the fast descent down through the forest to Girvan water, both great fun!

View todays photos here and the route description here.


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