Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kelburn and Fairlie Glen

Took me a bit of time to work up to getting out this morning but eventually got moving on the MTB.
It was mild and breezy as I headed off down the beach into a bit of headwind, up Goldenberry, played about a bit on Goldenberry then headed up to Fairlie village and Kelburn, along Lady walk opposite the castle and the long climb to the upper Kelburn trail.
The trail gives downhill singletrack to Fairlie Glen, continuing behind the castle, nice run, although the Kelburn bit is wet.
Stopped for lunch at the top of the Kelburn trail and took strole up the muddy track to check it out, but it's not really worth the effort pushing the bike up as it's just grotty.
It was getting very dull on the way back so just came straight home, just as well, it started raining 40minutes after I got back.

After a spot of lunch took my sons broken frame down to Stuart at Ayrshire Cycles to see if it can be welded, he recons it can and will price it tomorrow.
Hope it can be saved as it will save buying a new frame.

Kelburn trail description here some local photos here.


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