Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Christmas Spectre

On Christmas morning I was first out of bed, not excitement, just habit.
It was misty and I wondered if it might be clear up the moor, so after a spot of breakfast I drove up there for a look, sure enough it was clear bright and sunny up the hill, took a few pictures and got back for parcel opening fun.

Before christmas lunch got out on the MTB in the hope that it would still be clear up high, it was, and fabulous to get above the cloud.
Over Glentane the sun was behind me, my shadow projected onto the clouds below giving a lovely Brocken Spectre.
I pushed up Caldron hill and had an amazing view of the windfarm poking out of the clouds, then it was time to zoom downhill back for a bit of traditional christmas dinner and relaxation....marvelous!!

See pictures here.

Boxing day Anne and I were over the east coast visiting my sister, next day it snowed, we had a lovely very short strole in the snow before deciding to scamper back home before it got any worse.

Today it was back to the usual, a little MTB outing in the chill -2degC and 15kph breeze along the beach and over Goldenberry, I just had right amount on, two layers on legs and three layers upper body, headwarmer and crash hat, so it was really rather pleasant.


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