Friday, December 23, 2005

Irvine Dundonald loop

Yesterday it rained all day so used the time to finish a job that's waited 16 years, venting the cooker hood to the outside.
The space above the kitchen is tiny so it was all a bit of a squeeze getting the duct in place but got there in the end after a bit of grunting and groning.
I was quite pleased with the result it's not 100% but its much better.
In the evening Anne and I went along to see King Kong, great effects, silly story

Today Tom and I went down to Irvine for a short road cycle, following the national trail down to Troon then some minor roads across to Dundonald for a spot of lunch. We just timed it nicely missing a heavy shower by having an extra piece of cake in the cafe and luckily the next shower squeezed round us to the east so stayed dry.
Got back home about 2.30pm and jumped on the MTB for a jaunt up Biglees for a bit of downhill until dark (4pm).
Now it's time to go get the dinner going as the big boy is asking "What's for tea"

See Irvine harbour pictures here.


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