Friday, December 02, 2005

Tables and trails

Had a little job this morning to revarnish a couple of small tables, so while watching the weather sanded them down and gave them their fist coat.
The rain was off so decided to chance a short MTB outing to Biglees quarry.
On route was a sombre little reminder of mortality, beside the road were bouquets of flowers to the young girl killed there just two days ago in a car accident, very, very sad.
Up the quarry onto the moor downhill, over Goldenberry on the way back home but just did a loop back into Hunterston estate as the beach would be a head wind,back at 2.30pm for refreshments then finished varnishing the two tables.

Picture above is across the Clyde at Sandbank on an Ardentinny outing, view the route here and pictures here.


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