Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A walk through Kelburn

Anne and I had a strole through Kelburn today, the wind was in the east so it ment we were fairly sheltered. The picture above is the view from the north end of the Kelburn road but is a summer photo, today was a bit duller.
In Largs had lunch at Graigmiles cafe and caught the bus back, almost forgot to get off at Fairlie where we had left the car, that would've made us both feel rather silly.

Later PM went a up the moor to groom the Biglees quarry trail, put in a rough stile at the fence to stop damage where I cross, cleared the track of some deep heather at a couple of spots and put in a little bridge at a ditch but I'm not sure it will last, next time up it will probably have been given the heave by the local shooters.

View the description of the walk >here.


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