Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dry and mild

The WE was dry and mild, yesterday Anne and I went down to Ayr for a walk, it looked a bit cloudy so we visited the retail park for a couple of thing then, since it was clearer headed along the river Ayr on the Auchincruive walk.
It takes about two hours, is sheltered and quite.
View the walk description here, some pictures here.

Today Graham and I went over the windfarm trail then Fairlie Moor, the lower downhill and Goldenberry hill, about 3 hours out and about, after lunch Anne and I went a walk down the beach.
The tide was high and in the water we caught sight of the snouts of seals, closer inshore were Wigeon and Mallard, further out were Cormorant drying on the rocks and behind them the sun was dropping behind Arran, all very nice.


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