Friday, November 25, 2005

Resurrecting the old bike.

Spent today resurrecting the old bike, new back wheel, casette, chain, and small chain ring.
It took a bit longer than it should, a visit to Steven in Ayrshire Cycles can take some time, he likes to chat about all the techy bits on the bikes in the shop.
He really knows his stuff though, and is very helpfull, he warned me about the little item in the Shimano hydraulic brakes that must be kept even though it looks like a sliver of extras.

Also tried to get the new bike gear shifting sorted, but I recon it's the inverted operation and nine speed sensitivity to any little bit of muck, anyway I couldn't fix it.
I'll take it into Walkers soon for its free service and see what they make of it.

Took the old bike for a spin on Goldenberry Hill just before dark, it felt really good except the rear brakes on the cheap black rim, it seems not to work then suddenly locks up, it nearly had me off the bike twice. Think I'll roughen the rims a bit to get a better action.

Put yesterdays efforts onto a route description web page, view it here.


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