Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lanfine route and Kelburn trail grooming

Graham and I had a nice couple of hours MTBing over by Lanfine, Darvel.
As we arrived at the Galston Co-op car park Galston there were a group of cyclists just setting out, I wondered if it might have been the Ayrshire CTC but their runs list doesn't show one for today, so can only guess who it might have been.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a downhill trail in Lanfine and fancied a go on it today but it turned out a bit of a disappointment, the only worthwhile bits were jumps and I don't; the rest was just mud really.
Best bit today was the trail down past Cessnock Castle beside the burn to Galston, some nice dips and turns, very entertaining.

Got back about 2pm had a shower and coffee then took a walk up into Kelburn clearing a route through the rhododendron, the downhill is shaping up nicely, just need to sort out the top section and I think it will be a good little trail.

View a similar route here.

Some Galston pictures here.


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