Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A numb and sore finger

Mulhacen, highest mountain mainland Spain

Took a strole up into Kelburn again today doing a spot of trail hunting and grooming.
Trouble was there were two groups of shooters up there so couldn't get into the area I wanted to, but I did find another possible trail high up in the estate, cleared a little bit so that I can get the MTB through and see if its worth any more effort.

PM had a wander on a little local trail looking for a more technical ending, managed to clear a bit and it's looking good for a go sometime tomorrow, in the process I bashed my finger, it's bruised, swollen, numb and sore all at the same time.
It was just a thoughtless thing, puting it too near the point of work and getting it trapped between two rocks, silly me.

Haven't a Kelburn photo album so here's some pictures of walks in the Costa Brava Oct 05


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