Friday, January 27, 2006

Kelburn and Kaim

Yesterday spent most of the daylight hour in Kelburn, in the morning grooming the downhill and PM having a walk with Anne.

Today managed out on the bike, it was dry still and dull, temperature 4degC.
Went up the Kelburn via the beach and Goldenberry, climbed well up onto Blaeloch hill to get a longer downhill but it wasn't really worth the effort.
Finished Kelburn down the new trail, but there's still a few thing to be sorted to make it flow a bit better.
After Kelburn climbed all the way up Kaim for the complete downhill, it's great.
Took a few photos, got back about 2.30 and started assembling my son's full suspension Giant after the swing arm welding.
Got it done but it needs a few other bits sorted out.

View pictures here.


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