Friday, April 14, 2006

Shower dodging

Robert Burns cottage

Managed and hour out on the MTB yesterday between showers.
I waited until a shower had passed over, jumped on the bike just as it cleared hoping to maximise the dry spell, as it turned out it was probably the dryest part of the day.
Since there is quite a bit of mud on the trails decided to go up Biglees quarry, it's a hard packed all weather track, from there I went across the top to Fairlie moor for a bit of downhill then back through Hunterston estate, got home in time for a spot of lunch.

Later PM Anne and I had an appointment in Ayr helping our daughter change her car, before meeting her we went along to Auchincruive for a short walk by the river, one of our favourite walks, to pass some time
Unluckily as we got to the furthers point the heavens opened and of course the wind got up, we were forced to shelter behind a wall for a few minutes till it passed, we just about managed to stay dry and fortunately had enough time to get to the appointment.

Walk description here


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