Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Anniversary in Rome

St Peters Rome

Anne and I celebrated our anniversary with a couple of days in Rome, cheap flights from Ryanair, hotels aren't that cheap though luckily we got a reasonably
priced one just by the Termini.

First day Sunday, so the streets were quite quiet early, we walked to the Colosseum then made the mistake of taking a tour, ducking out half way with information overload.
Through the Forum, impressive place, then followed the AA guide book walk to the tourist sites, Piazza Novona, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps finishing at the Pincio Gardens, it was all go in the gardens, a rock band playing, fitness demonstrations, break dancing.....

Second day, the Vatican, we were a bit late getting there (8.45) so had to queue for 1.5 hours to get in, nearly didn't make it but Anne insisted, so had to go into blank mind mode to get me through the pain of queuing.
What a place! miles of corridor and galleries stuffed full of art, and one long slow moving mass of people, all heading to the Sistine Chapel.
After the Vatican it was along the road to St Peters, enormous, impressive, breathtaking.....but way way over the top.
After St Peters, time for a quiet meander through little lanes, following the AA guide book again, to the Getto over the island.
Only had time left for a spot to eat before jumping on the bus back to the airport.

Well what can I say...immense about sums it up.

Rome photos here


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