Monday, May 01, 2006

Climbing, climbing, climbing

Largs Bay

After 5 hours on the MTB yesterday I found myself a bit tired today, but the weather was cold and cloudy so decided to go up to Kelburn for a little change of scene but staying near home.
Out and about the air was crystal clear, the views were only limited by the cloud and some distant showers so took quite a few photos.
A long climb through Kelburn and across the main road took me to the view point above Largs, for a go at the Douglas park downhill then another long long climb back to upper Kelburn, the reward being the downhill through to Fairlie Glen.
On the way back for some reason that escapes me I decided to go up to the Kaim downhill, now that is a long long climb.
I started the Kaim downhill just beyond the gate this time I set the stop watch on the way down to North Kilruskin, nearly came a cropper at the puddle in the quarry, stopped for a picture, the run took 20minutes.

Todays photos here


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