Sunday, May 07, 2006

Through the woods

Wood Sorrel

With the prospect of rain tomorrow and showers PM Graham and I decided to make the best of the morning by getting out for a shortish local mountain bike ride.
It looked great down through the Glen, sun shining through the new leaves on the trees although there was a bit of mud about from the thunderstorm two days ago.
Arran was clear so took a few photos along the way to Portencross and Goldenberry then headed out to the hole in the ground which gives nice views over the water to Hunterston and Cumbrae, then it as back home for lunch.
Since it was still quite nice Anne and I went off down the beach again for a short walk but the threat of a shower made us cut it short.
Finished the day with a spot of garden clearing, lifes not all fun and games after all.

Todays photos here.

Portencross route description here


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