Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good timing

Anne and I went off to the factory shop in Dalry yesterday morning, I like a bargain and was looking for some cheap shoes, sure enough I got my bargain but Anne didn't so she decided to go of to Ayr leaving me to get on with a bit of MTBing.
I decide to go up to the windfarm then to loop back over Knockewart hill to the ancient Kings way, the old road dead kings were brought from Kilwinning abbey to Portencross to depart for Iona and burial.
I hoped by that time the whin dust for some slabs would be delivered and I would get on with laying it.

Outwards on the bike was a bit tough into the stiff breeze all the way to the top of Busbie muir, but aided the climb to Knockewart and kept me nice and cool.
It was bright but hazy, not the best for photos but I took a few on route.
As I got back home the lorry with the delivery was just arriving so I pointed to where I needed the dust and the driver, a rather well shaped lady, dropped it off.
I spent the rest of the afternoon spreading it about.

Yesterday was also my sons 21st birthday so in the evening all the family went out for a nice meal at the Laureston in Ardrossan to celebrate.

Pictures here

The route is the same as the walking route, view it here.


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