Saturday, May 20, 2006

Extreme pottering

The Linn Dalry

Fist day out on the bike for a week, I,ve been laying slabs out front so was quite keen when Graham phoned to arrange an outing, only trouble was I'm aching all over with the weeks efforts.
Graham seemed to think the weather was to be really good, but disappointingly it wasn't to be, so we decided to have an off road loop from Eglinton round to Dundonald and back I'd grade the route extreme pottering.
It's about 50% off road 25% tarmac tracks and 25% proper rough stuff, we spent a little time at the old working in Eglinton playing on the steep slopes, although neither of us do jumps, only whimpy tyres stuck firmly to the ground stuff.
On Dundonald hill there were several groups of Army Cadets map reading, walking, and cycling, it was all go on the hill.
After the thrills of Dundonald we stopped off at the cafe in the Industrial estate to avoid the coming rain as much as a refreshment.
We had the cake and coffee but emerged into the rain, on went the waterproofs and heads down back to Eglinton.
Not bad.. over three hours on the bike.... oh my bum hurts!

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