Thursday, August 10, 2006

Clear and cool

WK golf course

A lovely cool clear day this morning, Anne was preparing some fruit for wine so I went off for a local MTB outing before lunch, unfortunately I chose a variation on a route I'd kept clear but forgot about the bracken I'd left, so ended up in shoulder high vegitation, by the time I got through it and started off again I couldn't work out what was wrong until I realised the handlebars were pointing off the wrong way, a most peculiar sensation.

I circulated over Goldenberry and back along the beach taking pictures getting home about 12.30 in time for a bite to eat.
Later Anne and I went up the side of Law hill and down onto the beach.
The wind had got up, sand was blowing and it was really quite hard going so we cut across the short route back.

View some pictures here


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