Monday, August 07, 2006

The twa cuts

Moor cottage on route to the greenock cut

Beautiful day for the MTB, 20degc and a nice cooling breeze so couldn't resist going up to Skelmorlie "tae dae the twa cuts".
Starting straight on to singletrack behind Skelmorlie where some kids were swinging across the path, they were having fun so I just kept to the left so they would miss me as I passed.
Did a bit of scouting for trails at Kelly reservior but no luck then headed along the cut to Cornalees centre and cafe for coffee and cake as usual.
The cornalees end of the Kelly cut is improved, but the Kelly end is still rather rough and grotty.
After the loop round the Greenock cut I descided to come back over knockencorsan hill, I remembered a good track along the moor to Plann farm but it's a kilometre of soggy stuff before the track improves so will have to think about whether its a new trail or not, enjoyed the change of scene though.

The views were great from the Greenock cut today you can view todays pictures here.


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