Sunday, January 07, 2007

Failford to Stair

Fungi at Failford

Anne and I were off visiting some old friends yesterday but we had time for a nice walk from Failford to Stair.
The route description from the link above doesn't show the out and back to Stair but its pretty obvious at the far end of the Failford trail, it takes about 30minutes to reach Stair giving a round trip walk of 2 hours not counting the lunch stop at Stair Inn.
Shot a short video along the way, I couldn't resist the water at the wier so had to shoot a bit more to get enough clips, there was some nice light so took a few stills to add in as well.

Today Graham and I managed out for a short MTB run between the morning showers and the PM rain, it only amounted to 1.5hours so PM I went for a stoll around Goldenberry hill just as the rain was setting in.
There was only a light wind so it was very pleasant among the trees with the brolly and wellies.
Some spring photos on Goldenberry here.


Blogger Jinxx said...

Do you think it will ever stop raining, my moneys on June

8:20 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Not for at least a week, but who knows after that.
Im seriously thinking of having a short cheap Ryan Air break to the Costa Brava its only 15degc but its dry.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

I realise I haven't been going any MTB outings any distance away from home, there just doesn't seem to be enough time between wet spells for me to plan anything other than a local short blast, but it will come.
Next one I fancy is from Straiton to Bradan Dam back to Straiton, mainly forest roads, and the Bucjk cafe in Straiton, so should be fine but I need that weather window.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Jinxx said...

I love Straiton, first of all, there are enough trails to keep me happy, then there is the mid range cross country trail from Patna to Straiton, then to Barr, then maybe onto Girvan.

Also someone said that there is another mid range trail, and i am dammed if i can remember where it goes to, i do know it starts in Barr

12:25 PM  

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