Friday, January 05, 2007


Hidden falls at Fairlie

Anne was off to Glasgow this morning so naturally I got out and about, up Biglees Quarry on the MTB and across to the falls for a bit of a play on the short steep slopes, shooting a bit of video along the way.
I'd intended to go up to Kelburn but a large shower was approaching so headed home for some lunch and then, after the shower had passed, took a walk up behind Fairlie along the singletrack to the hidden waterfall.
Its only 20metres from the track but unless you go looking you'd never know it was there.
It has a rock spread that breaks the water as it falls, its quite pretty when there's a good flow like today.

Managed a little jog down the beach as well just as the sun was going down, there was a glorious sunset, but of course I didn't have the camera with me to record it, so its just a fading memory now.

View route description here.


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