Monday, February 12, 2007

Beach and Busbie Muir

Seamill Shore

On the way to the beach with Anne this morning I spotted a dipper in the Glen Burn and took some video through my binoculars, surprisingly one turned out quite reasonable. Down on the beach there were four seals out of the water resting on the rocks offshore so I had another go at videoing through the binoculars but the seals are only just visible on the clip.
It was a nice day for photos, Arran was clear with a dusting of snow, there lots of birds about as well, plovers, oystercatchers, grey wagtails, mergansers and of course lots of the usual gulls.
After a light lunch I got out on the bike over Busbie Muir windfarm, I didn't fancy getting too muddy and the windfarm has firm tracks out to each of the windturbines.
Met a runner up there I thought he must be training for an event but no, he just likes running about in the rough stuff, I understand, I used to do the same when I was keeping fit for orienteering.
The idea of keeping out of mud didn't quite work out I forgot about 'Kings Road' on the way back, it can be pretty muddy and today the cows had been along churning it up into a real grotty lumpy mess.The bike was in extreme need of a good hose down when I got back home, even so it was a nice couple of hours on the bike.


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