Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kelvin Museum


Anne dragged me up to Kelvin Grove Museum today, I wasn't keen M8 traffic, parking problems all came to mind, but it was all OK and I really enjoyed it.
The museum is big enough to have plenty of variety but small enough not to bring on those sore feet and the cafe is very good if a little dear.
The video displays on the Arctic was stunning, four screens projecting different views on the same theme, great stuff.
The highlight for me was the short organ recital, it really brought the place to life.

It wasn't a completely idle day, when we got back the sun was out and I managed a bit of garden safari with my new macro adaptor and then a lovely (almost) run along the beach in beautiful late afternoon sunshine.
The good weather hasn't lasted though its raining outside now.

Video of the visit here

Some photos here.


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