Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joyriders in Estepona Spain

Shrine to the Mountain Bike

I've been off to sunny Spain the past couple of weeks, first week with the happy go lucky Nick at Joyriders mountain bike holidays at Estepona.
Lovely accommodation wonderfull companions (Graham and Mike) and a smiley happy to be with you!.. Nick our guide.
We all had loads of fun, lots of nice trails some excellent singletrack a great base at Estepona and lots of lovely sunshine!
We,... well Nick and Mike.. (I know my limit).. had a few late nights but still managed to get up with a smile and ready to ride, youth they just have it all, everything that matters anyway!
I had a great time!... Thanks Graham for being such a great, considerate, fun guy, I hope that Mike appreciates you (I think he knows how lucky he is), if you read this get in touch.

Anyone who gives a damn can see the video here!

Photos here

Second week Anne were booked into a quiet hotel above Arriate village stuck in the middle of a field with a rough track leading up to it, fortunately it had the compensation of a great view across the valley to the Grazalema hills.
I'd got hold of an Andalucia guide book by Guy Hunter-Watts published by Santana, maps and guides of Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema, both published by Editorial Penibetica.
All three were excellent and we had no bother finding plenty of walks, I even did a spot of skinny dipping on one of the trails thats how warm it was!

Funny thing on Sunday we were hiking up Torrelcilla in the Sierra de Nieves when we met the mountain bikers I'd been with the previous week, a nice surprise.
They were just about to descend the route we had come up, a really rough trail with rocky drops, I couldn't have done it!

We had a lovely week of walking, view photos here.

SB video here.


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